Driving Social Change…


Our Purpose

We are women driving women and supporting each other on the move. Abby provides women with a spot behind the wheel, while offering riders the choice to travel with confidence. We are unapologetically redefining safety.

We are feminists who…
  • Give a Sh*t
  • Are kind, thoughtful and inclusive
  • Empower and uplift those around us
  • Are honest and transparent 
  • Have fun!

What Is Abby?


Abby has come to Vancouver to answer the need for safe rides home for women, while creating new and direct employment opportunities for women in the ride hailing sector. We are a ride hailing service for women, by women. As a worker co-op, we’re providing our women drivers with not only a spot behind the wheel, but a seat at the table. Our app is more than just a ride hail – it’s a vehicle for empowerment. Through this app, Abby presents riders with a simple way to integrate every day activism into their lives, by providing an opportunity to put money directly in the pockets of other women. Our drivers have access to decision-making, skills training, and fair work on their terms.

Abby drives social change… literally.

Meet Our CEO & Founder

Yvette Wu

Yvette is the CEO and founder of Abby. She absolutely loathes writing her own bio so here goes nothing… 


Yvette’s leadership and entrepreneurial chops emerged from a colourful career in various fields and industries.  She started out as a scientist (yes, she’s published legit research papers) but her mid 20-year-old life crisis re-directed her to complete an MBA at UBC. 

From there, she held roles in marketing, finance, strategy, to most recently enterprise risk.  Some familiar Vancouver HQs she’s had the privilege of learning and developing from include Vancity, Best Buy, Aritizia, Lunapads, UBC, and Vision Critical. 

So why is she keen on leading Abby? As a woman of colour who grew up with immigrant parents, Yvette understands, empathizes, and sees value in marginalized groups. For so long, many have had their voices dimmed, but now is the moment to give them space to speak, to be heard, and to lead. 

To anyone who has ever felt invisible or lesser than…this is for you.#giveashit 

Now… go on and read about the killer Abby team who made this community platform possible!

The Abby Team

Becca Schwenk - Operations

Becca Schwenk is a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, problem solver, and creative chameleon. She is all about disruptive entrepreneurship and intersectional innovation.

Becca was a key operational player at Shebah – the Australian all-women ride hail. She has worked in anti-oppressive centres specializing in sexual assault, empowerment, and social inequity. She has led within feminist startups; has supported grassroots social enterprises; and she doesn’t intend to stop shaking up unjust structures any time soon.

As a two-time survivor and justice connoisseur, Becca is involved with Abby to reclaim space for all women; and to make a cheeky, impactful statement that drives a badass, ever-evolving community.


Bernice Paul - Operations

Bernice is one of those unicorns born and raised in Vancouver. She loves the community that has shaped her values and believes passionately about social change through purpose-driven business.

Bernice has worn multiple hats in widely varying roles through her working life, which uniquely equips her to get sh*t done. Currently she nurtures the culture and people practices as HR and Office Manager at Modo, Vancouver’s independent and thriving carshare. As part of the leadership team of one of BC’s most respected and trusted co-ops, she’s eager to bring the co-operative lens to this exciting new start-up that is poised to make significant social impact on the lives of many.

She’s now working on getting her Class 4 license.